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How I Raised My Credit Score to 800+ in My Twenties

How I Raised My Credit Score to 800+ in My Twenties

How I raised my credit score to 800+ in my twenties

When I was starting my twenties, I owned nothing except my name. I had no idea how to deal with adult life, as I relocated to San Francisco with an empty bank account and two suitcases. Experience in Francisco over the seven tears I had lived there, taught me how to be responsible for my own life.

I began the journey to owning my career, my happiness, and my finances. At this time, I realized that It is so exciting to be in control and set for the future. There is nothing as appealing as when you leave for your daily duties knowing that you got what you want.

The most important thing that I came to own was my credit score, and this got me overjoyed over how I had raised my credit rating. To some extent, I can say it is because I no longer lived with the roommates I used to live with, who had messy finances. Although I haven’t achieved much, I believe that I will own a car or even a house one day.

When the day comes, I must borrow a loan as I will require a significant credit score. Imagine your credit score being a determiner for those assessing your income to see your likelihood of paying back the loan. Although crazy, I can say that my full control over my life worked pretty well.

And I will have to share out my experiences on the journey to my power.

The things I did in my twenties that made me achieve an 800+ credit score

1. I made a timely payment of my bills

Sometimes I can be too forgetful, having a fulltime job, a boyfriend, a blog, and friends are just enough to make me forget. Since I knew that the timely payment of bills is essential to my credit rating, I had to set reminders on my calendar. In some cases, I had to activate autopay in most of my cards to ensure that I always made timely bill payments.

Paying bills late with cut off your credit score points, so you have to be so careful about that. Paying billing via autopay has no stress; I can give my testimony that I have enjoyed the autopsy route. However, if you choose the method, you have to be extra careful by always checking your bills to ascertain that there is no hacking.

2. I frequently used my credit card

Credit cards can be your best or worst enemy, depending on how you use them. Sometimes I cringe when I hear my friends say that they only use their debit cards on expenditure. Because I always used credit cards and set them to pay bills in time, which helped raise my credit score.

Ensuring that you always use your credit cards and making timely payments will boost your credit score.

3. I frequently checked my credit score

When I first started my monetary literacy excursion, which is in my twenties, I had very little knowledge of the contributing factors of a credit score. It was through the frequent checks that I made that I came to know which cards contributed much. Additionally, I was able to access and see the card’s history, giving me some sense that I used to take as an arbitrary number.

You can quickly check your score and the contributing factors to your score on any of the several online sites. In case your credit score is low, you can improve it by opting to work with a credit repair service. One of the best firms to offer these services is Lexington Law, and I like them.

4. I exhibited consistency

The length of your credit lines is an essential factor in a credit score. As my expenditure increased while in my twenties, I opened new cards, expended on all of them, and I consistently made payments to all.

5. I didn’t overspend

I firmly believe in living within one’s means and not spending more than what you can afford. However, it is different when buying a house or a car. I worked extra hard to ensure that I don’t get into credit card debt by closely monitoring my expenditure. I also worked on a budget to minimize cases of overspending.

It is pretty good when you take control of your life; learn it from me in case you need assistance with your credit score, do not hesitate to contact Lexington law. Their services are excellent, and I was impressed, and I believe you will too. It is my pleasure to see you work towards achieving a higher credit score.

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